Hello everyone,

Welcome to the grand opening of our latest project “Ophelia Core”, in this first article I will try to explain what Ophelia Core is, what we plan on doing and what’s in for you.

What is Ophelia Core ?

Ophelia Core is a team of developers looking for new challenges and games to tackle with. We are always trying to be the first to get something working and working well, our community is very important to us and we will always aim for quality over quantity. At the time this article is being published we are only interested in video games especially MMO type games.

We will mostly work on emulators meaning we will only provide a service that mimics the official service. This implies that we will not provide the game nor a modified version of the game. We will not provide bots or develop bots, we might on the other hand provide files that will allow you to connect to our service instead of the official service. Remember that the usage of this kind of file can be illegal in some countries, use them at your own risks.

What’s in for you ?

Well for starters the ability to play on a different server than the official, meaning custom content, different game-play experience, community ran events and much more. We will also allow people with beta access to specific games to play while the official beta servers are down, that way they can provide more feedback and improve the game before its release.

Current plans and goals

We like many other people, registered to the Elder Scrolls Online beta, sadly we never got any key… We were so sad that we decided to develop our own servers to play it, we will thus be releasing a basic server to play in a matter of days.

We also have a side project to develop a server for Guild Wars 2, some of us liked this game a lot but we were kind of disappointed with the lack of fun and the fact that even in an MMO you can feel alone if you are not online with friends. So we will attempt to provide a different experience.


That’s all folks for now, stay tuned !